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Press rebuilding and upgrades

We have capability to offer retrofit and upgrade of existing machines and production lines to automate your processes with the latest automation technology, in order to increase productivity, efficiency and quality of the products.

It can include:


Machine modernization is often, economically,  more interesting than new equipment purchase. A timely upgrade to state-of-the-art technology, with overhauling the mechanics, allows you to effectively use your production facility and significantly extend lifetime of equipment.

Advantages of modernizing your system:

press rebuilding

New hydraulic manifold system

Hydraulics manifold replaces all existing valve systems

New hydro-power unit with oil cooling system

Modern hydro-power units with high efficiency and excelent work characteristics

Upgraded press safety features

Implementing safety components (safety PLC, sensors, light curtains…) can prevent damages of press, tools and other equipment (robots, manipulators…) during work

Upgraded operator safety features

Safe operation on the press can be improved by implementing safety locks, light curtains, laser scanners…

New hydraulic pump

Modern, fast reacting pumps - with reduced noise and more power

New hydraulics piping

Old hydraulic piping will be replaced with new, high pressure pipes and hoses

Internet connection

Allows external support and upgrades executed remotely by authorized engineers, as well as connectivity with IoT technologies

New control system

Existing control systems will be replaced by completely new, state-of-the-art electrical control system