Press rebuilding and upgrades

We have the capability to retrofit and upgrade existing machines to automate your processes with the latest automation technology, including the re-working and redesigning of the controls, hardware and software. Machine modernization is sometimes economically more interesting than a new acquisition. A timely upgrade to state-of-the-art technology and overhauling the mechanics often allows you to effectively use your production facility for many more years.

Advantages of modernizing your system:

press rebuilding

New power block system

Hydraulics power Block replaces all existing valve systems

New oil tank and cooling system

The tank may be positioned wherever convenient on top, side of press or even on the floor

Mechanical safety system

Mechanical slide locks provide additional safety to press operations

Operator safety system

The press will be equipped with necessary safety systems

New pump

Modern, fast reacting pumps - with reduced noise and more power

New hydraulics piping

A new layout and design of valve and pipes ensure optimal functionality

Internet connection

Allows for external support and upgrades executed remotely by engineers

New electrical system

Existing electrical control systems are replaced by a completely new electrical control cabinet