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Servoteh provides

Complete solutions in the field of industrial automation.

We develop, design and manufacture custom-made solutions using the latest achievements in the field of hydraulics, robotics, software solutions and automation systems to fulfil specific needs of our customers.


Servoteh manufactures custom made production lines, machines and equipment in various spheres of industry. We own modern CNC machine workshop (milling, turning, grinding, eroding machines…) as well as assembly hall and skilled and experienced team.
Forming technology

Forming technology

Servoteh can offer complete range of modern machines, equipment and complete plants for cold and worm forming, including sheet metal, especially designed and automated in accordance to customer demands.


Servoteh designs and produces universal and custom-made machines for Aerospace, Automotive, Defence and other industry sectors, which are individually designed and automated according to customer requirements.


Years of experience in industry give us strength and ability to face different challenges in automation processes, using innovative solutions in mechanics, control system, hydraulics, pneumatics…
Sales and service

Sales and service

The high work and quality standards, which we have set since the beginning of the company, have been recognized and appreciated by our partners. We have been selected to be the official partners for the solution and distribution of the production program of the best and most renowned brands in the industry: Bosch Rexroth AG, Siemens, Emerson, Aventics, SKF and ABB.
Technological capacities

Technological capacities

Modern manufacturing equipment provides possibility to manufacture complex parts, assemblies and machines that meet all standards and requests of most demanding customers, such as world famous companies from automotive and aerospace industry.


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+381 (11) 31-41-564
+381 (11) 31-41-564

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