We present you some of our projects:

Custom made line for integration of 125mm barrel with protective shell

We have designed and produced complete line for assembling barrel of 125mm.

Robotic forging line with hydraulic presses 1000t and 350t

Servoteh designed and manufactured a hydraulic press for deep drawing and a hydraulic press for upsetting and piercing with equipment.

Hydraulic presses 1250 t

Servoteh successfully completed the retrofit and upgrade of the 1250 t hydraulic press.

Flow forming machine

Flow forming machine provides economically metal forming process in production of hollow parts.

Our clients

The companies and brands that have entrusted us with their projects
servoteh atlatic
servoteh bosch
servoteh coca-cola
servoteh dedienne aerospace
servoteh frikom
servoteh grundfos
servoteh hemofarm
servoteh jaffa
servoteh tetrapak
servoteh umka
servoteh vlatacom
servoteh yugoimprot
servoteh metalac
servoteh nbs
servoteh nelt
servoteh nestle
servoteh nis
servoteh pharma swiss
servoteh telsonic
servoteh uss
servoteh arcelor mittal
servoteh carlsberg
servoteh fiat
servoteh imlek