Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is one of the most demanding and the most innovative areas, therefore all the equipment intended for servicing aircrafts is subject to the strictest requirements in terms of quality and reliability. In addition to skilled and trained personnel, the world's leading manufacturers of aircraft and equipment (Boeing, Rolls Royce, CFM) require high standards that include the use of special high-quality materials, manufacturing methods and surface protection, quality assurance procedures and, finally, detailed testing of tools before delivery to end users.

Primarily using its production facilities, as well as the services of trusted partner companies, Servoteh successfully follows all market demands and constantly increases the level of quality of its services.

So far, we have been manufacturing these special tools for the aerospace industry:

• Cranes for mounting and dismantling aircraft engines 

• Transport vehicles for parts of the aircraft

• Tools and equipment for maintenance workshops    

 Apart from toolmaking, Servoteh also does production and reparation of parts of aircraft, for example, components of the landing gear.