Robotic systems

Servoteh is a system integrator of the company ABB for the field of robotics.

ABB is the leader in the production of industrial robots. Reliable solutions of ABB robots help users to increase productivity, product quality and workers’ safety.

Servoteh designs and manufactures all types of grippers for all types of ABB robots, creates all application software, performs integration with the other equipment and commissioning of entire systems.

In certain applications, if it is justified, we design and manufacture nonstandard manipulators – pneumatic, hydraulic or electric and provide easier and more reliable performance of technological operations which are difficult for manual operation.

We also design and manufacture mechanical-pneumatic-electrical systems which successfully solve the problem of replacing humans in serving machines in serial production. We integrate complete new systems with the existing machines, thus providing a considerable reduction of labour costs.

Applications per industry

Packaging and palletizing

IRB360 Robot for Pick&Place operations

IRB 460 robot for palletizing


Metal industry

Wood industry

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