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Solar Energy in SERVOTEH

At the beginning of 2021, guided by our sustainable development strategy, we decided to install a solar power plant for our own consumption with a complete energy management system and protection of the production process.

We trusted that this project would be a multiple investment, perhaps not through a direct return on investment in a short period, but through long-term and multifaceted investment in sustainable energy sources, energy efficiency awareness and resource savings in the production process. An additional motive for the installation of solar panels was our desire to raise awareness and conscience about preserving the environment while doing business, both among the employees of Servoteh and in our business environment.


Servoteh has installed a 300 kWh solar power plant - in other words, on sunny days and during sunny periods, we can produce 300 kW of electricity per hour. For now, the solar power plant is used exclusively for its own consumption, as we are waiting for the signing of a contract with Elektrodistribucija, so that we can return our surplus energy that we have to the system.

We are happy to see that there are more and more companies and institutions in the region that turn to solar energy, and also that lately the price of installing solar power plants has become more affordable, and the price-quality ratio is becoming more optimal. If we keep in mind the trend of rising electricity prices, it is clear to us that the installation of solar panels has become a wise investment.

As for our decision on cooperation, we gave the project with full confidence to the company ENERGIZE DOO, and with them we achieved successful cooperation: the works were performed within the agreed time and very high quality, and the solar power plant was put into operation in a very short period.

Solar panels are a project that represents one of the ways in which Servoteh shows that there are small private companies in Serbia that take care of energy efficiency, sustainable development and green energy. In this way, Servoteh is additionally taking part in the long run improvements of modern factories that are aware that preserving the environment is one of the imperatives that we must respect - wherever we live and whatever we do!

After all, Servoteh is a family owned company and as such, this company stands for values ​​that go beyond merely business ambitions. It is important to us that, in the days to come, we leave the environment to future generations with the conditions that will enable their unhindered development. We are aware that only by giving personal example and our own engagement can we influence the environment, and that this is the best way to stand up for what is important to us.